Friday, August 20, 2021

Another Ag Bio Funding in the East Bay

By David Gross

Last month, Pivot Bio raised over $400 million in one of the largest rounds ever for an East Bay Ag Bio company.  The momentum there continues with Sound Ag of Emeryville pulling in a $45 million Series C led by Bayer.  

Sound was founded in 2019 to improve crop yields through nitrogen optimization within fertilizers.  The core of the technology is an epigenetic approach to helping food plants grow.  By applying epigenetics to modify gene expression, and not altering the plant's DNA, the company claims it can increase yields beyond what is possible by editing DNA via CRISPR-based approaches.

Sound is headquartered in Wareham Development's 5858 Horton Street building, a 270,000 square foot facility whose tenants also include Berkeley Lights and Nutcracker Therapeutics.

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