Tuesday, August 17, 2021

BioLabs Prepares for Expansion into DFW

 By David Gross

BioLabs, the co-working site for life sciences, continues to make progress toward opening its DFW location in December.   The 37,000 square foot facility will be in the Pegasus Park development, which is near both the UT Southwestern Medical Center and Love Field airport.   It will also be the company's first away from the coasts, where it covers many traditional life sciences markets with the notable exception of the Bay Area.

The service has attracted Seed and A round startups in other markets, as well as international companies looking to dip their toes in the water of U.S. markets.   While it's not clear what rates in Dallas will be, the firm has charged $300 per person per month and $4,000 per bench per month in the Boston area.    

Neither Dallas, Houston, nor Austin has emerged as the clear life sciences leader within Texas, and this type of facility should be a big attraction for early state, preclinical startups.  MD Anderson Cancer Center, in Houston offers space in small, affordable increments, but the best rates require committing to a direct lease like Ziopharm Oncology agreed to two years ago.  Given that funding levels in these cities remain low compare to these coasts, it will be interesting to see how hard Houston and Austin push to add more flexible term co-working lab space.

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